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When you are approached by a company who has met with several web design agencies over a period of three years, all of whom have failed to deliver, you know that you need to wow.

Wortley Brothers had used the same e-commerce site for over ten years. Irrespective of the fact that they knew it needed updating, it worked for them, all be it requiring a substantial Google Adwords budget to help it rank and obtain click throughs.

The team at Wortley Brothers had responded to a Chameleon e-shot, and were honest about their scepticism, despite recognising that they needed to seriously improve their existing e-commerce website.

Chameleon rose to the challenge, developing a stronger brand and innovative marketing angle, which started with changing the company name from KP Wooden Gates to Wortley Brothers.  

The team then designed and implemented a custom built e-commerce website and cms which is fully responsive and a delight to use.

Integral to this was the streamlining of the copywriting; the previous site employed heavy copy content throughout - a big "no no" with Google.

Chameleon opened the gates to the future for Wortley Brothers who have been so impressed with the success of the new site, that they have been busy promoting Chameleon to their own trade clients.

True testament to the fact that new ways open new doors!

Please scroll down to read what Wortley Brothers has to say about Chameleon:

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Wortley Brothers

Client testimonial

What Wortley Brothers has to say:

Can I just say, Wortley Brothers are blown away with the quality of the website and the professional work that Chameleon has done. You've made the whole build so simple, continually informative and always helpful. Chameleon has really exceeded our expectations.

You have really listened to ever word we’ve said, helped and delivered on every level. 

We’ve been trading in business for over 20 years and we deal with lots of different suppliers/contractors from all over the U.K. Most of them have outdated websites and branding, if you would allow me too, I would like to recommend Chameleon Creative to them and we will promote our new website & branding in every way possible?

Wortley Brothers
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