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W. E. Pinder

Balanced to Perfection

When Chameleon Creative undertake a new brief from a client, not only do we formulate the most effective marketing approach, but we do so whilst taking into account the ethos of the company.

This symbiotic approach was fundamental to the ideas which we developed for W. E. Pinder and Son, a family firm of funeral directors based in Doncaster.

The company required new branding and a website which needed to be appealing, user friendly and reflect the values upon which W. E. Pinder was based.  Promoting a funeral business is a delicate balance of sympathy, care and professionalism and the team at Chameleon treated every aspect of customer directed marketing with empathy and compassion.

The website conveys the personal approach which W. E. Pinder prides themselves upon whilst treating its users with respect, employing an appropriate tone of sensitivity combined with easy to digest information.

We also created brochures, price lists, business stationery, documents, signage, photography and adverts, which far exceeded the expectations of our client, W. E. Pinder.

Please scroll down to read what W. E. Pinder has to say about Chameleon:

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W. E. Pinder

Client testimonial

What W. E. Pinder has to say:

I would like to say thank you for all your recent work, which always exceeds our expectations. 

Promoting a funeral business is a delicate balance, and you manage somehow to pitch things perfectly. 

Our brand and marketing message has grown significantly since we engaged the services of Chameleon Creative this is easily measured with the increased business and customer satisfaction.

John Pinder - Director.

W. E. Pinder
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