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When one of the largest independent family funeral directors and memorial masons in South Yorkshire, one which, over five generation has earned a reputation for impressive service, guidance and support, approaches you and asks for a modern marketing strategy, you know that it's a project which needs to be handled sensitively.

Chameleon were very aware that modern techniques could benefit CT Butterfields and Sons, without alienating its clients, during what is possibly one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Using a sympathetic treatment and fostering a compassionate understanding of the ethos of this prestigious company, we developed a strategy which built on their existing values and strengthened its relationship with the South Yorkshire community.

Our work included re-branding, producing company stationery and brochures , designing appropriate advertisements and delivering a website with optimised SEO, working hand in hand with our client every step of the way to ensure that our relationship was founded and developed on mutual respect and trust.

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Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design Branding and Web Design
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CT Butterfield

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What CT Butterfield has to say:

The essence of our business is trust, and in discovering Craig and his team, we feel we have found someone that we can trust. To mark our 140th year in business, we knew we required a modern, creative, technology advanced partner and Chameleon’s great enthusiasm and common sense has made it much easier than we ever imagined.

Brian, David, Doreen & Sue Butterfield - Company Directors.

CT Butterfield
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