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Over 13 years ago, Chameleon were invited into the engine room of Circuit Days, a Doncaster based company.

During that time, Circuit Days have firmly established themselves in pole position as the UK's leading track day and road tour organiser. 

This sort of success doesn't come from cruising along at a steady speed in the middle lane. When Chris Hoey, MD of Circuit Days, decided that a company re-vamp was needed, Chameleon stepped on the gas. We researched and designed a brand new concept in marketing strategy which included a corporate identity, individual tour brand logos and a new dynamic website which successfully increased sales across Europe.

The innovative flexible graphic design which we devised meant that the new branding could be applied to every sort of marketing material required by Circuit Days, including brochures, vehicle stickers, e-shots and adverts.  

Conscious of the ever changing needs of our client, we are on standby with new ideas, adaptations and approaches to ensure that Circuit Days are always on the podium. 

Please scroll down to read what Circuit Days has to say about Chameleon:

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Circuit Days

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What Circuit Days has to say:

We have been working with Chameleon for over 13 years. For us it's important to work with a company that understands our need to be constantly innovating.

It's also important for us to be able to work with people that can handle the full package, our website, the branding, online event updates, magazine adverts, event brochures, event route cards - all of which are changing constantly.

The future brings many new challenges, including a move to a new e-commerce website primarily intended for mobile use, and to also take in to account the shift from traditional advertising techniques to marketing via social media.

We look forward to working with Chameleon over the next 13 years!

Chris Hoey - Managing Director.

Circuit Days
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