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Yeee- Ha!!! 

In the Wild West, cowboys would brand their livestock, leaving a mark to create an identity.

Nowadays, the pioneers at Chameleon help you to create your very own unique brand - evoking a name and image for your products and services in the mind of your existing consumers and potential clients.


A brand is so much more than a name or visual element - it should stimulate your consumers to feel, it should arouse emotion.

Your brand is your promise to your customer and we help you to keep your promises.

Your brand is a living breathing thing that wins hearts and captures minds. It needs to deliver a promise every time someone comes into contact with it. Creating an effective brand doesn't just happen overnight, Chameleon think and think and think some more before we start to develop your living, breathing brand identity.

Then, when we've developed your perfect brand and launched it in to the universe, we continue to support you so that your brand permeates every facet of your company and has an ongoing impact on your customers, whenever and wherever they come into contact with you.

Our end to end service incorporates project planning from the initial research right through to project delivery and our integrated service means that our fantastic Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design and Web Design team will work hand in happy hand, listen to what you want and craft the perfect cross platform solution to suit your needs, to enable your business to develop a branding design all of its very own. One that will inspire existing clients and excite new ones!

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