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Have you ever wondered if using a professional graphic designer is really worth the money? Perhaps you have a few design skills of your own and are happy to design your own logo, leaflets and website. But before you do, please take a few moments to review this article, it might just save you a lot of money and hassle!

As a marketing and graphic design agency based in Retford and Doncaster we come across lots of marketing material, some very well designed and some that you can just tell has been done on Microsoft Word. We'd like to share with you in this article why we believe professional graphic design is worth it's weight in gold!

1. Helps you Stand Out
It's true that not every business needs to Stand Out to do well, but every business does need to be memorable. A strong brand identity will help your business Stand Out and be remembered. Chameleon are well established, professional and very experienced. As professional graphic designers we will take a look at your business and come up with an identity that sums up your values and offerings as a company.

2. Saves you time
You have your own business to run, do you really have time to sit down and think about a logo, a brochure or even a website? Graphic designers like Chameleon have many years of experience designing marketing material to fit every format. It will take us half the time to design it and make sure everything looks correct, meaning you can concentrate on what you do best!

3. Saves you money
Not only is time money (which we will save you) but also money is money. It can also be true that more is less. We can help you to decide what your business really needs for it's marketing efforts, you may not need everything that you think you do! At Chameleon because we have many years of experience in the graphic and web design field we are able to provide a full in-house service. We know the best print processes to use which will provide the best quality print available for your budget. We also know where is best to host your website and why, which will save you money, time and aggravation in the future.

4. Helps you think outside the box
Because you are so close to your business you may only see your businesses in one way. At Chameleon we have over 20 years of experience working with all different types of businesses, we can help you communicate with your audience in a simple and direct way. People don't have time or the interest to read lots of text anymore so we can make sure your message gets across quickly and clearly.

5. Helps you be consistent
Do you use the same font on your business card and brochure? Is your logo the same size? Does your website look the same on a mobile as it does on a desktop? These are all things you will not have to worry about when using Chameleon for your graphic design and website design. We know what files, fonts and layouts to use for web and which ones to use for print. We will make sure all your marketing material has the same look and feel throughout so your business looks truly professional and your brand comes across as consistent.

6. Helps you gain more clients
Every growing business needs more clients. Professional graphic design that has been well thought out and well executed will do just that. Because all your marketing material will look professional and well designed, more potential clients will take notice of what you have to say. You will have the right set of marketing tools to give to potential clients specific to their enquiry and you will have the right items to follow up helping you close the deal. You will also have the right tools to help you get more referrals and repeat business from that same client helping your business to gain even more work.

So just take a moment to ask yourself: Does my current marketing material look professional? Does it Stand Out? But most importantly, does it help my business gain more work?

Perhaps you have tried doing your own design so far, or your marketing material could do with a refresh? We'd love to take a look at your marketing ideas and help your business with it's on going graphic design needs. Please email Chameleon today [email protected] or give us a call on 0845 124 7300.

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We discovered Chameleon Creative when our business was going through a transitional period. We needed to re brand, we had an idea of what we wanted but no idea how to implement it.

Craig and his team were true professionals, we knew right away that they were the people we wanted to work with! Chameleon Creative have developed a new brand ...

Katie Margereson - Business Development Director

"We have been working with Chameleon for over 10 years. For us it's important to work with a company that understands our need to be constantly innovating.

It's also important for us to be able to work with people that can handle the full package, our website, the branding, online event updates, magazine adverts, event brochu...

Chris Hoey - Managing Director

Chameleon have made every project during the past 8 years extremely enjoyable and always value for money. Most recently, the design and creation of our new responsive website. 

It was a challenging project but Chameleon constantly kept us updated and took control from the initial design concepts, through to the content and photograph...

Neil Bowles - JBB Chair

"It was amazing how quickly Craig and his team at Chameleon were able to understand our corporate structure and philosophy here at SES Group and provide us with first class marketing advice.

Chameleon have created a brand design for us that truly reflects our identity and reputation for delivering innovative engineering solutions wit...

Dave Gascoigne - Group Commercial Director

"The essence of our business is trust, and in discovering Craig and his team, we feel we have found someone that we can trust. To mark our 140th year in business, we knew we required a modern, creative, technology advanced partner and Chameleon’s great enthusiasm and common sense has made it much easier than we ever imagined"...

Brian, David, Doreen & Sue  Butterfield - Company Directors

"The ability to stand outside a company and see the potential, ideas and vision is a unique skill.

Combining experience and communication, marketing strategies are built with confidence and a professional attitude. Chameleon 'grasp it' and deliver from the very beginning".

Paul Munby - Director

"Chameleon have given us fresh new branding, stationery, product labels and packaging, signage and a superb e-commerce website. 

Finding Chameleon was one of the best things I have done in a long time".

John Barclay - Managing Director

"I just want to say a big big thank you and look forward to working with Craig and the Chameleon team for many years to come.

They’ve met every deadline, no matter how last minute our demands have been which shows fantastic commitment and customer service.

Chameleon... a forward thinking creative agency with fresh ideas...

Lee Edwards - Restaurant owner

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