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Every now and again we are surprised but pleased when one of our existing clients shows an interest in moving their business to business marketing into a whole new dimension. This is the just so with Doncaster based Cresco Industrial Supplies Ltd.

Chameleon have worked with Cresco for the past 2 years, we’ve established a good working relationship and carried out many ‘entry-level’ creative and marketing projects for their Thermaflue brand. These include the Thermaflue company logo design, leaflet design and printing, brochure design and printing, studio product photography and roller graphic banners for a variety of exhibitions.

The various Thermaflue marketing tools had previously been produced without a specific marketing strategy being requested or discussed. This can often occur with certain clients - their requirements are more ad-hock and as a result of this the fundamentals of B2B marketing can be often overlooked - however, this was soon to change for Cresco and their Thermaflue brand.

Graham Parker a Director of Cresco contacted Chameleon earlier this year expressing a desire to focus on Thermaflue’s marketing for 2015. There had been a personnel change within the organisation and  consequently Graham’s new vision was to take the Thermaflue product range online in the form of an new e commerce website. Graham explained “I’ve been looking online at several Doncaster based web design agencies and although I’m new to this scene, I know that we don't just require a cheap website”.

It certainly seemed that Graham had done his research as he referred to content management systems (CMS) and having read some of Chameleon’s online case studies he was aware that we were experienced web developers and not a web design agency that simply produced ‘out of the box’ websites. Chameleon explained to Graham that an e commerce website was not going to be a cheap web design project and in order to ensure it was developed with marketing success we must start off the project correctly. 

This would mean a full marketing assessment was required, including: customer research to analyse how each of Thermaflue’s top 10 clients were sourced, found, contacted etc… Competitor research: who currently has an e commerce website in their industry sector, will they require a Google AdWords campaign, how difficult will organic ranking be for a new website. Can Thermaflue be competitive online? Should they sell at a different cost level, what about existing clients? - would they wish to push all sales via the website and have a log in section for existing accounts whereby they can create orders and bypass checkout - many questions needed to be discussed and answered prior to commencing with any website design or web development for this South Yorkshire supplier.

A meeting was arranged with the Directors of Cresco at their Doncaster site and Chameleon produced an outline marketing plan in preparation. Usually, meeting with existing clients to discuss a new web design project is fairly straight forward but on this occasion Chameleon needed to impress Cresco’s Directors, some of which were unaware who Chameleon were or what services we had previously provided.

In addition to this, it was evident that Cresco and Thermaflue had not previously invested or experienced digital marketing even though Graham had carried out his online research into e commerce websites.

The meeting went well and straight forward talking shone through - internet jargon and technical terminology was left at the door in order to ensure both Chameleon and Cresco understood the job in hand - to design and develop a dynamic e commerce website for a Doncaster based Industrial supplier that has global capacity.

Fast track forward a couple of months to March 2015 - the new Thermaflue website is now live and is already proving to be successful. Chameleon have developed a second stage marketing plan to assist Cresco in promoting the new e commerce website to existing clients as well as further online business possibilities - these include: regular blogging, email marketing, social media management, Google Adwords and on-page SEO.

We would like to thank the Directors of Cresco for putting their trust in Chameleon. We appreciate that finding the right web design agency with good creative marketing credentials is essential to a Doncaster businesses online success. We look forward to working closely to ensure that Thermaflue becomes a global supplier of Flange Guard Insulation products.

We hope by reading this case study, you can appreciate the creative expertise and marketing versatility on offer by a Doncaster and Retford design, web and marketing agency like Chameleon Creative Communications. 

So if your business would like to Stand Out from the competition, Ask Chameleon how we can help. We’ll explain for free, and in plain English. There’s no hard-sell. And best of all, the benefits can be impressive. To learn more, contact Chameleon.

We discovered Chameleon Creative when our business was going through a transitional period. We needed to re brand, we had an idea of what we wanted but no idea how to implement it.

Craig and his team were true professionals, we knew right away that they were the people we wanted to work with! Chameleon Creative have developed a new brand ...

Katie Margereson - Business Development Director

"We have been working with Chameleon for over 10 years. For us it's important to work with a company that understands our need to be constantly innovating.

It's also important for us to be able to work with people that can handle the full package, our website, the branding, online event updates, magazine adverts, event brochu...

Chris Hoey - Managing Director

Chameleon have made every project during the past 8 years extremely enjoyable and always value for money. Most recently, the design and creation of our new responsive website. 

It was a challenging project but Chameleon constantly kept us updated and took control from the initial design concepts, through to the content and photograph...

Neil Bowles - JBB Chair

"It was amazing how quickly Craig and his team at Chameleon were able to understand our corporate structure and philosophy here at SES Group and provide us with first class marketing advice.

Chameleon have created a brand design for us that truly reflects our identity and reputation for delivering innovative engineering solutions wit...

Dave Gascoigne - Group Commercial Director

"The essence of our business is trust, and in discovering Craig and his team, we feel we have found someone that we can trust. To mark our 140th year in business, we knew we required a modern, creative, technology advanced partner and Chameleon’s great enthusiasm and common sense has made it much easier than we ever imagined"...

Brian, David, Doreen & Sue  Butterfield - Company Directors

"The ability to stand outside a company and see the potential, ideas and vision is a unique skill.

Combining experience and communication, marketing strategies are built with confidence and a professional attitude. Chameleon 'grasp it' and deliver from the very beginning".

Paul Munby - Director

"Chameleon have given us fresh new branding, stationery, product labels and packaging, signage and a superb e-commerce website. 

Finding Chameleon was one of the best things I have done in a long time".

John Barclay - Managing Director

"I just want to say a big big thank you and look forward to working with Craig and the Chameleon team for many years to come.

They’ve met every deadline, no matter how last minute our demands have been which shows fantastic commitment and customer service.

Chameleon... a forward thinking creative agency with fresh ideas...

Lee Edwards - Restaurant owner

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